La Tour Royale Restaurant


Dinner with haute cuisine courses prepared by way of show-cooking by our Chef Paolo Griffa Gosio.

Exclusive table for a maximum of 4 people.
Only upon reservation.
Opening times - 19.30 / 24.00


Exclusive cocktails for up to seven people
Only upon reservation from 17.00 to 21.00.
1 Bottle of Krug Gran Cuvée and its accompaniments with real temptations > 350 Euros

Situated in Piazza Petigax, adjacent to the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf, this building, in the Middle Ages, belonged to the Malluquin Lords, whose presence has been certified in Courmayeur since the 13th century.
The residence dates back to 1250. It is mentioned for the first time in a handover report of the castles to Savoy of 1351.

On the occasion of the General Audiences - when the Court of Savoy met with the feudal lords and the population - the local owners of fortified residences handed over their homes to the hands of the emissaries of the Count, who took custody of them for the whole period in which he stayed in the Valley, establishing a small garrison. “Hugonetus Maluquini de Curia Majori”, i.e. Ugoneto Malluquin of Courmayeur, was also subject to this ritual known as “redditio castrorum” (literally “handover of the castles”).

In the 15th century the tower fell under the ownership of the D’Avise family, to which it belonged until the 18th century.
The building, with square footprint, is made up of seven very low storeys divided by a wooden floor; the access to the ground floor is recent, while the original one, on the opposite side at about eight metres from the floor, is surmounted by a lintel with rounded discharging arch.

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