Essence of Mont Blanc

Inspired by the purity and freshness, typical elements of the mountain, Essence of Mont Blanc it is a persistent yet delicate fragrance, ideal for adding a touch of refinement to any type of environment.

Available in bottles of different sizes, and supplied with diffuser sticks, Essence du Mont Blanc can be purchased at the Reception of the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf.

Essence du Mont Blanc Gel

The ‘Mont Blanc Essence’ Hand Gel is a high-quality cosmetic product, enriched with 96° plant-based alcohol suitable for cosmetics.

But that's not all: it also contains important ingredients like Glycerin and Aloe, known for their moisturizing and regenerating properties.

This combination offers effective and long-lasting protection for the hands, keeping them hydrated and fragrant, perfect even for prolonged use.

Scarves and the mountain

During this season, the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf offers its guests a prestigious and special range of accessories: 50 scarves in pure silk, depicting poetic mountain images, will then be available for purchase at the Reception in a limited edition.

The high quality of the fabric lends itself to creativity, in a combination of uniqueness and elegance.

Petit Royal

The book by Paolo Griffa

Images, stories, passions, recipes ... and dishes to eat even with the eyes!

Every dish has a charm the result of many elements:
trials, overcome difficulties, modifications, challenges, inspirations from various cultures expertly assimilated and transformed by the creativity of chef Paolo Griffa.

Cover price € 95