Sanitisation protocol

Dear guest,
Now, as always, we do our very best to offer you a quality experience. where you can feel both pampered and safe. Our team has been trained on all the new contagion prevention measures and for us, this challenge represents just another opportunity to show the importance to us of your well being and security. Please find below details of the measures adopted to ensure a relaxing and safe 2020 summer.

Body temperature measurement: We will measure each guest’s body temperature at the entrance of the hotel and restaurants. The data received will be processed according to the European regulations n. 2016/679 and will not be stored or communicated to others, except for any necessary reason, to the health authorities. Please ask reception if you would like to see the detailed regulations.

Sanitisation of the environment: all commons areas of the hotel will be frequently sanitised with hydrogen peroxide. The most frequently used spots such as reception, door handles and lift buttons will be disinfected with an increased frequency. Your room, as well as all room furnishings, will be sanitised with an Ozone machine prior to your arrival.

Sanitising gel: we have placed sanitising gel stations in all strategic points of the hotel: at the entrance, at reception, in the common areas including restaurants and bars, as well as on every floor.

Social distancing: according to the national and regional protocol, we ask you to wear a face mask and respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 metre except with your own room co-guest and family, in all common areas. The substantial space available will allow you to continue to fully enjoy all of our services.

Lifts: we strongly recommend that you use the lift only with members of your family.

At reception, as in all other common areas, we kindly ask that you respect the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 metre and wear a face mask. Our team will welcome you with their usual warm smile, veiled by their own protection device.
Fast check-in: to avoid queuing and to ensure that your experience is as perfect as possible, we will ask you to send photos of your identity documents a few days before your arrival. We kindly ask you to plan you arrival, preferably after 15:00 and to let us know your approximate time of arrival, as well as any special requests.
Keys: Your room key will be handed to you after having been sanitised. We kindly ask you to keep it for the duration of your stay. If you need to leave it at reception, we can provide a box for you to leave the key in. It will be sanitised and you can collect it on your return. Please also use the appropriate door card to indicate that your room is free and available for daily cleaning, on leaving the room.
Checkout: to avoid queues please plan your checkout time, prior to departure. You can organise this with reception.

On all floors and working areas, it is essential to respect the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 metre. We kindly ask you not to be present during the cleaning of your room. The cleaning team will all wear appropriate individual protection items.
All the guest rooms and common areas of the hotel will be regularly sanitised with hydrogen peroxide: an organic disaggregating agent that acts on viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, spores, mould and allergens. It is compatible with any material and fabric, is odourless, has a low toxicity and is easily biodegradable. On arrival at the hotel, your room will have received a deep cleaning treatment: in addition to the cleaning of all surfaces, each room will be completely sanitised with an ozone machine, bringing the entire room, including the bathroom, to full saturation, sanitising all surfaces and fabrics, including curtains, mattresses and pillows. For this reason we are adopting a minimalist style, limiting unnecessary soft furnishings that would be difficult to sanitise.
The minibar and unopened products within will be carefully sanitised at each changeover of the room. The glasses will be substituted as well, even if apparently unused.
The linen will be sterilised by an industrial laundry boasting bio contamination control systems, certified UNI EN ISO 14065/2016.
The daily cleaning will adhere to a rigid protocol, to ensure you can enjoy your holiday in full security. We kindly ask you to let us know once your room is free to clean, using the appropriate door card to hang outside when you leave.

You will find sanitising gels at the room entrances; please use these before entering.
The tables will be distanced appropriately to ensure you can enjoy your meal in full security. Our bright rooms are spacious and aired frequently, according to a strict protocol of prevention.
All surfaces will be regularly sanitised and the exit will be separated from the entrance to ensure there is no crowding at any point.
The breakfast buffet will be set up in the kitchen and served at your table, from your selection of the breakfast menu, handed to you on arrival.
If you prefer to enjoy breakfast in your room, please let us know.

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